Who we are

The Building Group has several business units operating in strategic areas of the music industry, specializing in Dance Music. Built in 1996, Building Records specializes in produce, market and distribute CD "s and DVD" s. Over the past 20 years, the Building Records was responsible for launching the biggest hits of radio, nightclubs, albums, shows and clips from well-known artists and compilations of radio and television stations, custom design firms, currently the leader in the segment young electronic music, and it has more songs being performed.

Produce only the music is not enough nowadays. To achieve financial success and more projection on the world stage it is necessary to count on someone who administers the rights of his work, both in Brazil and abroad. This is the role of Winner Editions Ltda. Acting in the electronic music business since 1996, Winner is the first Brazilian music publisher specializing in the subject. Big names in electronic music of Brazil and the world have chosen the Winner as its publisher, and this is the result of our work with the music users and the various international publishers with whom we have business relationship. ECAD, S.I.A.E., ASCAP, BMI, no matter the acronym or country. Where there is implementation of its music, Winner helps you get what is rightfully yours.